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A Perfect Tan for your Quinceanera

Quince Madrina

That healthy, youthful glow is something that some have naturally, but sometimes, resorting to getting a tan is necessary to get some color for your quinceanera.

There are various ways you can go about this: tanning bed, tanning salons, tanning spray, and tanning lotions, which one is the best for you? 

For an overall tan, avoid bathing in the sun. Not only do you risk burning and peeling, but the blotchy redness that comes with sun-bathing is not necessarily the sun-kissed look you want as a tan for your quinceanera.

  • Stand up bed/Tanning bed:

Most tanning salons allow you to have a bed session for no more than 15 minutes. The amount of time you spend in the bed should depend more on how fair or dark your natural skin color is and not on your desired  skin color result. Tanning lotions do that part for you. If you don’t mind standing for the duration of your session, then you’ll see no harm in doing the stand up tan, but if you’d prefer to relax while you get your tan then the tanning bed will be the best choice.

  • Tan sprays:

Tanning spray can be purchased at a local convenience store or at a beauty supply store. To achieve an overall and even tan using this method, it’s best if you have someone spray it on you while you are in your undergarments or nude. This will minimize the tan lines. Standing with feet apart and arms out to your sides, the person applying the spray can then apply more color where you most need it, avoiding areas where you don’t need it at all. Compared to tanning beds, when you use this method you can actually see where the color is placed. In tanning beds, on the other hand, it takes about an hour or so before the color starts to show.

  • Tanning lotions:

Ask a tanning salon rep. which tanning lotion will give you the color you want to achieve. For the youthful glow, apply a bronze tanning lotion evenly throughout your body including your face. Keep in mind that you’ll need less lotion in already darkened areas such as your elbows and knees. When using these lotions, make sure to wash your hands immediately after application in order to prevent staining where you don’t want.

Not everyone needs a tan and for some getting an artificial or natural tan may even be harmful. So be advised that for your quinceanera you do not want to look to artificial or by accident have an allergic reaction of some sort.

Perhaps, you should try getting a tan weeks in advance n order to test how your skin reacts and you like the tan.

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