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Don't sweat on your quinceanera

How to not sweat the sweat that sweats your confidence!

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Follow our “how to not sweat” advice to survive your quinceanera! Sweat seems to be that horrible annoying body function-liking passing gas-that we can’t seem to control.

However, a closer look at what sweat is, why sweat is necessary for our bodies, and how to not sweat the sweat, will help give you confidence to save you on your quinceanera.


There may not be a perfect go-to-guide for how to not sweat, but there is expert advice that can help. Dr. Janice Lima-Maribona, a certified dermatologist and an official spokesperson for Dove deodorants, visited the offices of and shared with us how to not sweat in those areas that are most prone to sweat, whether it is on a daily basis or during a day that is as important as your Quince party.

It’s a Catch-22 problem: you sweat because you are nervous, and possibly the sweat is what makes you nervous. But you are not alone, many girls suffer from excessive sweat, and stain their clothing under the armpits or on their backs. Even their makeup runs or their sweaty hands prevent them from greeting like they would like.

But do not worry – these types of cases also have solutions. The important thing is that you should not lose your confidence in yourself as a cause of sweat, especially at your quinceanera. Mastering your knowledge of how to not sweat will help you every day whenever you get nervous.

“Although sweating is a natural reaction, it is common to feel insecure when sweat turns excessive or when it is visible to others. The main thing to control excessive sweat is to know the areas of the body that are more prone to sweating, especially when the temperatures are warm, physical activity is increased, nerves take over or you go through situations with a lot of stress,” affirms dermatologist Lima.

Some secrets exist that can help you prevent and minimize excessive sweat and overcome the discomfort caused by sweat. Take note and enjoy your quinceanera without letting sweat turn into a headache:

  • Greet with Confidence

“Our body regulates its temperature by perspiring through sweat glands,” explains Dr. Lima. “In fact, did you know that the largest concentration of sweat glands is in the palms of your hands?” Some people experience a condition that makes them sweat excessively through the palm of their hands, and they are embarrassed to greet someone because they are drenched in sweat. “To help prevent the slippery feeling caused by sweat, I recommend rubbing some type of odorless, colorless, fine powder in between your hands, like baking soda or corn starch. Although this will not remove the problem sweat completely, it will help to get rid of the problem sweat temporarily. Another good idea is to take a small bottle of baby powder with you in order to apply it when necessary,” assures Dr. Lima. If this problem pertains to you, then go ahead and bring some powder to have on hold at your quinceanera just in case.

  • A Serenely Radiant Complexion

Another common problem is facial sweating, which to a quinceañera who needs to have her makeup last for a long amount of time, is one of the most worrisome problems. So keep reading on how to not sweat because this is important!

Dr. Lima explains that prevention is key and it is important to take the lead before sweat appears. “To diminish the appearance of sweat, it is necessary to take precautionary measures. A good option is to clean your skin in the morning with an astringent before applying makeup. This helps to reduce the expansion of pores, while at the same time cleaning the impurities,” recommends Dr. Lima.

But on the day of your quinceanera, aside from nature giving you the propensity to sweat, surely the nerves will increase the secretion of sweat on your face. “To reduce the shiny or greasy aspect of the skin,” Dr. Janice gives you an age-old secret: “you can use […] ‘blotting paper’ […], which you can take in your bag to get rid of the problem instantly.”

  • Raise Your Arms without Embarrassment

Those who have excessive sweat under their armpits face a reality that can be embarrassing and a little bit uncomfortable. This situation can spike when it is time to dance at the church or at any intense moment in the celebration. The key on how to not sweat is to control the sweat under the armpits Dr. Lima recommends applying an antiperspirant/deodorant.

As a spokesperson for the Dove® brand, Dr. Lima specifically recommends the antiperspirant Dove® Clinical Protection, which will suffice as the key on answering the famous question how to not sweat. “It is the only formula with the strength of a medical formula that protects against bad odor and moisture 24 hours of the day and aside from containing ¼ moisturizers Dove, [it also contains] sunflower oil to soothe and condition the delicate skin of the armpit,” assures dermatologist Lima.

Aside from the quantity of sweat, some adolescents experience an odor that is abnormally strong in their sweat. This extra smelly sweat may result because they practice a lot of sports or because their hormones make them sweat a lot more. In these cases, other than washing and changing your clothes frequently, and avoiding sharing your clothes with your siblings or friends, Dr. Lima provides a secret: “To obtain better results, I recommend applying Dove® Clinical Protection before going to sleep; then the formula has the whole night to work better and to create a level of protection that is stronger,” says the expert, who says that if you apply the deodorant before going to sleep, you will have more effective results for the rest of the day.

To master your wisdom on how to not sweat, you obviously have to try different things to find what ends up keeping you dry. Also try doing your own research at your library for beauty tips on how to not sweat. Just remember that sweat is natural and that no one universal formula will tell you exactly how not to sweat. However, if you feel that you have an abnormal problem with sewat, then talk your doctor for sweat help.

For more information and additional beauty advice, visit this page for tips and tools from Dove® .


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