Going for a Natural or Dramatic Quinceanera Makeup

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Ranging from natural to more made-up looks, makeup accentuates your natural beauty and  can even cover up any skin imperfections.


Before choosing what type of makeup to wear, consider your skin tone, the color of your dress and your hairstyle.

Au Naturel

Take advantage of your youth by using natural makeup that brings out your facial features. We advise you to outline your lips or eyes and to use soft tones that make your skin glow.

More than likely, you will be running up and down during your big day. Therefore, be cautious and prepared so that your makeup is not ruined when you’re running around like a mad woman!

Another advantage of natural makeup is that it’s easier to retouch it doesn’t require multiple layers of foundation or corrective cosmetics.

Going All Out

If you wish to use more sophisticated makeup that makes you feel and look different, we advise you to consult a professional makeup artist to do your makeup and give you a dramatic and long lasting effect.

Although you will have to be more careful when wearing layers of makeup, don’t be discouraged by perspiration, lights or anything that can ruin it. The important thing is for you to be satisfied with the outcome of it.

If your dress is of a distinct color, choose the same color for your lips.  After choosing which type of makeup you will wear, test several application techniques from your designated makeup artist.

What Matters is…

Choose a style that fits accordingly to what you had in mind and remember that the important thing is for you to be satisfied, feel great, and look spectacular.

Don’t forget that ultimately, it’s your decision so choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable and flows best with your personality.

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