quince beauty metallic makeup look
quince beauty metallic makeup look

Look Edgy for your Quince with Metallic Makeup

Elizabeth de la Torre

Metallic blends for makeup looks are great for special occasions and night outs because they bring out your “rockstar” look of sophistication and style.

There are many ways you can achieve a rockstar themed quinceañera and wearing metallic makeup is one way to rock the look. This makeup style is all about the eyes so be ready to highlight them with beautiful tints of gold, copper, or silver.

These makeup tips will help in planning to get that bold quince look!

Copper Tints

Using copper tinted makeup is great for skin tones that have a slight tan. Blending and shimmering, the copper tints will give you a natural sun-kissed glow. These super warm undertones are great for occasions where you want to dress up the occasion without overdoing it since the copper tones will complement tan skin.

quince metallic makeup look

Selena Gomez flaunts the metallic makeup look like a pro!

Silver Tints

Similar to a smoky eye look, silver tinted makeup around the eyes will give you a defining look. Of course, depending on the occasion, you don’t have to give a complete smoky eye effect but instead keep it subtle. For light skin tones, use lighter silver shades and vice versa for darker skin.

Gold Tints

Great for all skin types, gold tinted makeup will give you a perfect rockstar look to rock the night. With warm undertones like the copper, gold tinted makeup goes the extra step of rockstar to show off a little more shine, shimmer, and boldness.


Watch this video tutorial BeautybyKiki to see how she applies a glam metallic makeup look.


Watch this video tutorial for a makeup done by beauty expert Claudia Chiu from Sexy Makeup Studio, for a semi-metallic makeup look.

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