Look Like a Celebrity with these Makeup Tricks

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Daniel Chinchilla, Ariana Grande‘s makeup artist, shares the best tips and tricks to make you look flawless.

Step One: Skin Prep

On a clean, makeup-free face, apply a light amount of Argan oil, which sinks right into the skin for instant hydration. “When you’re starting makeup, hydration is so important because your face will look cakey and heavy if your skin’s not really moist.” After that, apply a foundation primer, which is going “to make your makeup last all day, and it gives you a really smooth surface.”

Step Two: Eye Prep

Next, Daniel says to prep the eyelids using an eyeshadow primer. He suggests Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which works well with any colored shadow. It’s waterproof and water resistant, which “stops your eyeshadow from creasing and getting oily and it makes sure that it stays.”

Step Three: Eyeshadow

“It’s all an illusion, so you can literally change your eye shape with how you apply the eyeshadow. Go lighter on the inside and darker as you go out.” He also says to apply it all before foundation and concealer, to avoid any fallen flakes from creating unwanted darkness below the eyes.

Step 4: Foundation and Concealer

For foundation, Daniel suggest to use a damp beauty blender. This makes the application “foolproof,” he explains, because “there’s no way you’re going to have any streaks.” For concealer, he recommends going one or two shades lighter than your normal skin tone “to really brighten and wake the eyes up.”

Step 5: Set

He says to set the foundation and concealer by stippling (or dotting) the product on with a flat powder brush. This motion is key for setting your makeup, since you are putting powder only right where you want it to go, not smudging it all over your face.

Step 6: Bronzer, Blush, and Highlighter

Now to get that healthy, fall glow. Daniel suggest to apply bronzer right under the cheekbones for a subtle contour, making sure to use only a small amount of product to build as he goes. Next apply the a blush onto the apples of the cheek, almost directly over the bronzer to seamless blend the products together. And finally, add a highlighter right on top of the cheek bones to make them pop.


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