Makeup Tips for the Classic, Trendy and Daring

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Your makeup plays a huge role the day of your Quinceanera. It must truly be “On fleek” or it could end up ruining your whole Quince look.

makeup for classic quinceanera

Consider these makeup tips to achieve an effortlessly goddess look! 

classic makeup for a quinceanera

Quinceanera makeup for a classic Quinceanera.


Classic beauty
Neutral tones such light brown and beige are most common for the Quinceanera makeup. The great thing about this specific make-up style is that it works on all skin colors and can be modified according to your make-up preference. Begin by putting your lightest eye shadow on your lid and follow by adding the brown hue to your eyelid crease to create a shadow. Keep the look soft with a blush that is as close to your natural blushing color as possible. Top it off with a neutral toned lip color and a light coat of mascara. Follow these makeup tips and you’ll get a perfect look.

Golden Goddess
There’s no need to lie under the sun for hours on end in order to get a sun-kissed glow. With a bit of bronzer dabbed here and there, you can achieve a sunbathed look without exposing yourself to those harmful rays. For a golden goddess make-up approach suitable for a young girl, use golden hues for your Quinceanera eye shadow such as a light gold or bronze. Apply the eye shadow only on your eyelid to avoid an over-done look. With a small dab of bronzing powder on a powder brush, dab the bronzer beginning at your cheekbones and moving upward towards the outer part of your eye. Finish the look with a soft pink lip color to add only a touch of color to your lips.

quinceanera smokey eyes makeup

Beautiful combination between the classic and golden look.

Smoking Diva

For a smoking eye effect that is appropriate for a quinceañera celebration, you’ll need to combine both the classic beauty and the golden goddess techniques. Using the same bronzer, blush and lip shades as in the previous styles, apply your make up diligently making sure to add enough color to both your lips and cheeks. To pull off the smoking diva look, you will need to accentuate your eyes by creating a smoking look with your chosen eyeshade. The smoky eye shadow look can be created using any color tones and is not limited to the charcoals or blacks. Simply begin with the lightest shade on you eyelid, follow by applying the darkest shade to your eye crease in order to create a deep shadow, blend the both together and then pull the darkest shade to the outer eye. End by applying the darkest shade underneath your eye to complete the smoky look.


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