Millennials’ Makeup Collections You Must Try

Jocelyn Pasillas

Get ready to flaunt a picture-perfect face during the upcoming celebrations and holidays.

The makeup industry is getting bigger and better with so many new great beauty products to choose from!

These makeup collections created by millennial women are too good to be true, hard to say no to and, almost impossible to decide which one to get.

Plus, the positive feedback and great reviews of the following products makes it ten times harder to resist!

From glamourous eyelashes, eye-catching highlighters, rich and pigmented eyeshadows, and perfect coverage foundation, who’s going to say no to such temptations!

Here are some of the many collections and products released along with the first impressions from some of our favorite girls:


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Rihanna has joined the fam and has now blessed us with her new makeup release that has everybody ‘SHOOK’! Specifically made for any skin tone, she made sure not to leave anybody out with 40 different shades of foundation!

HUDA BEAUTY BY HUDA KATTAN (Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette)

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It’s no surprise to see such quality and shades from Huda Beauty since they always seem to be the trendsetters. They never fail to keep their clients with the best of the best with purity in all products released. Huda Kattan is a true expert at what she does and blogs about.


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Kylie has done it again and has dropped 5 new colors for this fall. Being bold as always, she has created some real purple feels with the Fall Bundle Collection.



ideal quinceanera

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