25 Glitzy Nail Designs for the Holidays

Jazmin Alvarez

 Winter is finally here and with the festivities coming our way, it’s time to trade the earthy tones for more vibrant and exciting shades.

One of the most important accessories to match our outfits are our nails (believe it or not) and this winter’s trends will not disappoint!

Show up to that Christmas party or New Year’s celebration sporting a brand new hairdo, dazzling dress, and a trending manicure with glitzy nail designs.

You’ll instantly become the spotlight of the party!


Blue nails, especially darker tones, are trending this season just in time for Christmas. Decorate with snowflakes, candy canes, snowmen or glitter if you’re looking for something glamorous.


We couldn’t wait for the holidays to show off our daring red claws. This time it’s deep & dark tones that are popular at nail salons. You can even opt in for a metallic shade for an all-eyes-on-me look. Gold seasonal designs are a plus.


 The metallic trend lead the way to gold’s popularity and winter is the perfect season to take advantage of this trend. Whether it’s a gold French tip or purely gold nail designs, this color speaks for itself – it’s elegance at its best!


Can’t do solid colored nails? Tell your nail artist to add some excitement with glitter. It’s just what you need to receive the New Year in style!


Black nails are not saved exclusively for Halloween events. If you’re reluctant to trying this hot trend, start with black designs and use a nude base.


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