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Naturally Beautiful Skin for Less!

Quince Madrina

Want picture perfect & fresh skin but don’t know how to achieve it? Luckily, we’ve solved that problem for you without sacrificing your piggy bank!

Look your best during your Quince by purchasing these inexpensive products at your local stores for naturally beautiful skin. You’ll sure notice and feel the difference!

1.Makeup remover for beautiful skin

Make up removers are a must! Even when you wash your face there’s still makeup left behind, which can lead to break outs and clogged pores. Get this product at your local 99¢ store and love it! Always remove your makeup before cleansing or applying a mask.


2. Mint Mask

This mint mask works wonders if you have acne! We recommend for you to use it once a week. You can purchase it at your local Walmart for less than $3.



Face Scrub & Mask

Favorite 2 in 1 face mask & scrub! Buy it at target for about $6 and begin unclogging your pores!


4. Face scrub

Put an end to oily skin! Use this scrub on a daily basis unless you apply a mask. It’s also great for unclogging pores. For only $7, it’s a steal!


5. Face toner

Witch Hazel works as a toner and it will sure break the spell to help eliminate those tough blemishes! Apply it with a cotton ball after you remove a mask or wash your face. This helps balance the PH of your skin, helps with blemishes, oiliness, and is also great when you get a minor cut.  You can get this anywhere in the first aid section for $4.


6. Face Mosturizer

Use these moisturizers if you have combination skin. Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture (Target, $7) is found to work best if you have oily skin (pictured right). Equate Dual Power Moisturizer (Walmart, $5) works great if you’re a chica with dry skin (pictured left).  This is a must after you wash your face!


7. Face Primer

Face Primer

These 2 primers are wonderful before you apply your foundation. Green primer works great on red blemishes and the white primer is best for normal skin. Inexpensive at Target for $6 each.


8.  Setting Spray

After applying your makeup, you need a setting spray to make it last longer. With this product, you’ll be looking stunning in every picture from beginning to end of your magical celebration! Purchase this for $3 at Target.


9. Oily skin

Throughout the day if your skin starts getting oily this is a good buy! For only $1 at Food 4 Less you get 50 oil blotting sheets.


Thanks to our friend Lou for these amazing beauty tips! Follow her on Instagram @Dollmeup_Lou!

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