NEW Beauty Tips for a Full Face from Kylie Jenner

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The iconic Kardashian-Jenner sister is back on Vogue for an updated Kylie Jenner “classic makeup look”. What may that consist of? Keep reading for all the beauty secrets!


Since launching her own brand Kylie Cosmetics in 2015, Kylie Jenner is known to be a beauty icon. Now, the self-made billionaire gives us insight on her most recent full-face makeup routine she calls “a Classic Kylie glam”. Follow along as we’ve compiled all the tips and makeup products she used.

Step 1: Lip Scrub

First step as part of the routine, exfoliate your lips with the Sugar Lip Scrub by KylieSkin. Especially when going for a  bold lip or matte lip.

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Step #2 Moisturizer + Foundation

  • Add two pumps of Kylie’s Moisturizer, distribute with fingers.
  • Using your fingers, apply your own foundation for a blended natural effect.

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Step #3 Concealer

  • Add a small amount around your eye area, bridge of the nose, upper lip, and your chin. Blend out with your fingers and pat down on the areas you want the product to stay on.

Step #4 Cream Bronzer

  • Key tip: NUDESTIX Stick Foundation, apply with a brush and apply around the E zone. Contour the tip and edges of your nose and apply with a smaller angled brush.

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Step #5 Cream Blush

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  • Apply to cheek bones, chin, and lips.
  • Kylie Cream Blushes: Peachy + Neutral Blush

Step #6 Powder

  • Add loose powder and apply to your under eye with a puff.
  • With a brush, apply a thin layer to help set your face and brush off any excess powder. Clean out any areas such as your liner using the powder as well.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Powder – apply thin layer with a brush to make sure you don’t miss any spot and keep a matted finish.

Step #7 Eyes

  • Matte Liquid Eyeshadow by Kylie Cosmetics: Focusing on the outer corner apply liquid eyeshadow and dragging it a bit onto the eye for a blended finish. Add a light powdered eyeshadow to the lid of your eye to seal the liquid eyeshadow and blend more color.
  • For the finishing touch, using the Kylie liner, add a baby wing to make your eye pop out more. Clean it out with a little bit of concealer.

Step #8 Lips:

  • Key here is to over line your lips with a lipliner. Blend any harsh lines with your finger.

Step #9 Eyebrows


  • Natural bushy brows have been the new thing. Brush them out before slightly filling them in. Brush them in the beginning and at the end to distribute product throughout your brows for a natural finish. To secure the hairs in place, use Kosas brow gel. Be sure to brush up for the bushy brow look.

Step #10 Lashes




  • Using the NEW Kylie Mascara, apply and focus on applying the mascara towards the outer corner of the lashes. Wiggle the brush to get enough product and layers.

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