Ombre Glitter Nails Tutorial for the Trendy!

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Nail Tutorial

The nail polishes you need to achieve this glam manicure!: 

Nail polish

Pink & glitter nail polish, the perfect combination to bring out your inner girly girl!

Step #1: Paint all your nails pink.

Step #2: With the glitter polish wipe both sides of the brush and only pick up a little ball of glitter at the tip of the brush.

Step #3: With the ball of polish place it at the end of your nail bed (closest to the cuticle)

Step #4: Wipe off any excess of polish back into the polish and do a stroke from the middle of the nail to the tip of the nail (this way all the glitter can stay at the end and only a little bit can go towards the tip of the nail).

Step #5: Last step, apply a clear coat and you’re all set to show off your ombre glitter nails!

ombre glitter nails manicure

Your friends will never guess you did your own manicure!

Thanks to our friend Lou for these amazing beauty tips! Follow her on Instagram @Dollmeup_Lou!


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