Mila Kunis's smokey eyes

How to Get the Perfect Smokey Eyes in 1 Minute!

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Smokey Eyes

We love Mila Kunis’s dramatic smokey eyes. Perfect if you want all eyes on you!

Beauty supplies you need to achieve this fierce look!

Beauty tools for Smokey Eyes.

In 1 minute you’ll be ready to show it off. Ready, set, go!

1. Prime your eye either with primer or your regular foundation.

2. Apply whatever color your want except black just above your eyelid. I used a brownish shadow (don’t go too far on top).

3. Use the black jumbo and apply it on your eye lid and smear it with your finger (don’t put it on ALL your lid, you need space to blend the black shadow).

4. With your eye brush grab black eye shadow and pat it on the area where you applied black.

5. With your fluffy brush start blending the black eye shadow & you’re done!

Optional: Apply liquid eyeliner and lashes for a dramatic look!


Thanks to our friend Lou for these amazing beauty tips! Follow her on Instagram @Dollmeup_Lou!


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