Popular Euphoria Makeup Looks

Brooke Torres

HBO’s Euphoria series has taken the makeup community by storm with it’s vivid colored, gem-adorned, glitter overloaded Euphoria makeup looks.

Here are a few Euphoria inspired looks that you should definitely try for yourself. 

These looks bring fun and excitement to any look with beautiful pops of color and unique designs. Tag us on Instagram @quinceanera if you recreate any of these Euphoria looks!

More Glitter Please

You can’t have Euphoria makeup without some sort of glitter; the more glitter the better! Characters, Rue, and Jules are besties who absolutely slay the glitter-eye look.


Brilliant Rhinestone

Add a few, or a lot, of rhinestones to add a shiny, fun, and classy twist to your makeup. Rhinestones are a must to achieve Maddy’s signature Euphoria makeup looks; they can either add a subtle pop or glammed up diva-look.


Color Pop

Be bold with your makeup look by adding lively and electric colors; Euphoria stars know how to do it. The halo cut-crease seems to be very popular because it gives the illusion that it is glowing. To achieve this, use white eyeliner to draw out the crease, then use a bright or neon color to border it. Getting the contrast right will allow for the glowing illusion to be present in the look.


Glitter Tears

These are the good kind of tears, the sparkling and glistening Zendaya-approved tears. If you’re going to cry, cry like a Euphoria star by adding the most dazzling of sparkles in a dripping pattern under your eyes. This is crying in style.


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