A Practical Makeup Bag

Adairis Moreno

It’s not practical to carry all your beauty products with you, you can even end up losing them. It’s best to carry a practical makeup bag to refresh your look whenever needed.

The first items to consider should be those you cannot live without such as lip gloss, concealer, blush, a mirror, and eyeliner. Feel free to let go of those that are passed due or you hardly ever wear. Carry only what you need.

Follow the next tips to figure out what to carry and what to disregard.

Look for a practical makeup bag.

Choose preferably a small one that fits with no problem in your purse or backpack. Place your products inside so they won’t be touching your money and keys as these contain bacteria that could cause a skin infection. You can find one at the pharmacy or retail stores. Select the design that goes best with your personality.

Blotting papers
• No more shiny face.
Blotting papers are a must for your makeup bag. Look for small ones to fit in your practical makeup bag. These, can easily freshen up your look hours after you applied your makeup.

•Highlight your eyes and lips. Carry two tones for your lips, a bold color plus a neutral hue. As for your eyeliner, black is basic but make sure to also carry more vivid colors like blue, green or purple. Mascara to retouch your lashes is extremely important, again, look for a tiny version.

tools for a practical makeup bag.

A metallic eyelash curler, a kabuki brush and a compact brush are must have tools. Metal is cleaner than plastic and the brushes are great for applying makeup. Add a travel size fragrance bottle and make sure it closes fine, if not, your makeup bag could be a chaos.

makeup brush cleaner
•Take good care
of it.

Once you’ve set up your practical makeup bag, clean your tools at least once a week. Wash them with warm water or with a special cleaning kit. Sharing your makeup with your friends is not recommended. However, if you are stuck in this situation, make sure to apply your makeup first.

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