Preparing for your first salon visit prior to your Quince

Maria Elena Aguilar

If you’re having your hair and/or makeup done by professionals for your quinceanera, chances are that you will be visiting a salon for the first time.

Here are a few tips to make your first salon visit a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Arrive on time
Most stylists tend to be booked back-to-back, especially on weekends, meaning that if you arrive late, your stylist will likely rush through you to be on time for her next appointment. It is advisable for you to arrive to your salon 5 minutes before your appointment time. Before heading out the door for your scheduled salon visit, prepare for any and all possible time-wasters. If you live in LA or any similarly populated metro area, prepare for traffic and give yourself extra time. If you plan to have a friend or relative join you on your visit, anticipate for delays on their part, and tell them that your appointment is 20 minutes earlier than it actually is.

Eat before you get there
One of the most common mistakes women make is to go to the salon on an empty stomach. Most salon visits for a fancy hairdo and makeup application range anywhere from 2-3 hours, so you want to make sure your stomach is full. Otherwise, you may develop a headache and become quite irritable, which are two words you do NOT want used to describe the beautiful Quinceanera that you are.

Bring pictures of the look you’re going for
Hair and makeup artists deal with hundreds of different clients every week, so it can be quite easy for them to perfect one particular technique and stick with it…which might explain why there are so many people walking around with very similar hair do’s. To ensure that your hair style for your Quinceanera is just as lovely and unique as you, bring along a picture of the hairstyle of your choice. That way you and your stylist are on the same page and she knows exactly what you have in mind.

Be open-minded
If you are going into the salon without knowing exactly what look you want, then you are pretty much leaving it up to your stylist to decide what look is best for you. If this is your case, then be prepared and expect just about anything… and the only way to do that is to come in with an open mind.

Realize that the stylist is a professional, and will give you a look according to his/her taste, and not necessarily your own, so be prepared.

For drastic changes, give yourself plenty of time
If you are going with a totally different look –say you’re adding bangs, dyeing your hair from brunette to strawberry blonde, or transforming lengthy locks to a chic bob– it might be a good idea to try the transformation well in advance, say a week or so before your Quince. This way you have plenty of time to get used to the new you, and you also have time to fix anything you might not like.

Wear a button-down shirt
Although you might be tempted to throw on just any old plain t-shirt and jeans for your first trip to the salon, you’ll soon learn that the best tip is for you to wear a shirt that buttons down the front. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time getting out of your tee as you try to pull it off over your head without messing up your makeup/hair do.


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