Pretty Quinceanera Lipstick Shades to Know and Love

Jazmin Alvarez

From your dress to your makeup, you’ll be deciding every little detail of your Quince! It may seem overwhelming especially because it’ll be your first time wearing full blown makeup.

Instead of sitting clueless in front of a makeup counter with endless lipstick options, we tell you the pretty quinceanera shades that will transform your lips!

Pink Lipstick:

pretty quinceanera lipstick_pink 2

Angel, Snob, Saint Germain, Viva Glam Gaga, Show Orchard (from left to right)

Pink lipstick is a must for all girls to include in their makeup bag! You can’t go wrong with a light shade, which will make you appear youthful and pretty. Visit your nearest MAC store to sample their long lasting lipstick that are totally affordable ($15 each). If your skin tone is medium-dark, consider MAC Angel, Bombshell, or Hot Gossip for the perfect kissable lips. For fair skin toned chicas, MAC Please Me, Pink Plaid, and Viva Glam V will give you the subtle pop of color you need.

Nude Lipstick:

pretty quinceanera lipstick_nude 2

Find the right shade at Ulta!

We love nude lipstick because whether your skin tone is fair or medium, it flatters any! Best of all, it’s the perfect complement if you’re planning on a smokey eye for your quince. Ulta has an assorted collection of nude lipstick (12 shades to choose from) that’s sulfate free, paraben free and water resistant. At only $8 per lipstick, it’s a steal!

Red Lipstick:

pretty quinceanera red lipstick

Red is such a hot color that not even Selena Gomez could resist!

Do you LOVE being the center of attention? Then you definitely need a red lipstick ASAP! MAC’s Russian Red and Ruby Woo are the most universal red shades. Are you a medium or dark skin toned chica and think red is not for you? Think again! MAC Impassioned and Lady Danger will give your lips the intense pigment it needs for you to glow! Remember to balance your red lips with your eyeshadow, never combine dark eye shadow with red lips.

Berry Lipstick:

pretty quinceanera lipstick_Berry

Falling in love with this shade? We thought so!

Is red too intense and daring? Stay on the safe side with a berry lipstick! Fall season is right around the corner anyway. MAC’s Rebel and Berry Red will not disappoint but if you’re at your local retail store, grab Rimmel 107, Revlon Berry Smoothie, or Wet N Wild Cherry Bomb.

Coral Lipstick:

pretty quinceanera lipstick_coral

For a youthful yet flirty look, try a coral shade!

Are you celebrating your Quinceanera in the Spring? Try a peach or coral lipstick shade to complete your flirty yet fresh look. This shade looks best on fair skin as it’ll look too dramatic on medium to dark skin toned girls. MAC’s Vegas Volt, Cut a Caper, Coral Bliss, Revlon Peach Parfait and Smoked Peach, and Estee Lauder Eccentric are the shades you must try!

Your makeup bag is not complete until you add these lipstick shades that can be used even after your Quince!


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