Quinceañera Angelic Beauty Tips

Alicia Garcia de Angela

There are only four steps to follow to achieve an angel face skin. Mariela Bagnato, celebrity makeup artist, shares them with us.

Preparing your skin for your celebration is almost as important as choosing the appropriate tones for your Quinceanera makeup. Celebrities are aware of this, which is why they rely on the best stylist for beauty tips to get them looking their best and “red carpet ready”.

Mariela Bagnato, Argentinian makeup artist, is without a doubt everyone’s favorite. Lili Estefan, Adamari López and Candela Ferro are part of her clientele and magazines such as People en Español and Glamour brag about having her as a regular collaborator.

“In order to look spectacular you must follow these easy steps and use the right products”, says Mariela, Quinceanera.com has gone over her advice and would like to share with you Quinceanera beauty tips from the expert:

Pond’s exfoliating renewal, $6.49 Walgreens.com

“Exfoliate once a week or every fifteen days, it is important to use an exfoliating product. Choose the texture of the product with what best fits your skin type. If you have delicate skin use a softer grain, if it is thicker use a stronger one. I recommend sugar with lemon drops as a natural scrub, although my favorite product is Pons exfoliating wipes, practical for the summer”.

Evian mineral water in spray, $11, Sephora.com

“Facial toner removes death cells and allows moisturizing lotion to better sink in your skin. An excellent ritual is to rinse your face with cold water to reduce the size of your pores. If you would like to use a product Evian water bottles are the best, they will lighten up your face. Keep them cold and the toner will be much more effective”.


Photo Finish Foundation Primer $17. www.Smashbox.com

“It is extremely important to know your skin type to understand which type of moisturizer you need. If you have combination or oily skin you must use a light moisturizer, if your skin is dry you must use a heavier texture moisturizer. My advice is to use moisturizer before applying makeup; I prefer Smashbox products due to their soft texture”.



M-A-C Select SPF 15 $27. www.maccosmetics.com

Quinceanera Makeup
“I highly recommend UV coverage makeup,  a must for the summer. Another option is to apply a dermatologist recommended sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.  I prefer liquid bases that include sunscreen such as MAC Cosmetics with SFP 15”.

Do not wait; begin with these simple rituals and your skin will thank you not only at your Quinceanera but in the future.


Mariela Bagnato is the official beauty expert for Dove.
Follow Mariela on Twitter: @MarielaBagnato

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