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This is the most creative fairy style makeup but, does it match with your personality?

Quinceañera Fairy Makeup

Gabriela Alvarado

If you are planning to have a fairytale theme Quinceanera, then you should choose creative makeup that includes bright colors. You will be surprised by all the fairy makeup available since it has become a popular trend in fantasy makeup. The good thing is that you can play around with the makeup to create mysterious and bright shapes. As you may already know, every fairy has her own personality and thus you can become inspired to create a fairy makeup and a unique look from this magic realm. Choose the makeup that best fits you and get ready to look your best in you Quince.

Choose one of the following fun and dramatic fairy makeup styles:


Butterfly Fairy Makeup

They say that butterfly fairies are nature’s protectors. This makeup style is perfect for quinceañeras who love nature. For this look, use bright eyeshadows and add the key element to your eyes: butterflies.

butterfly style fairy makeup

Ice Fairy Makeup

An ice fairy is considered to be fair and just in every situation. This makeup style is distinguished by small details such as silver or ice sequins, white or silver eyeshadow, and white lipstick.

ice fairy professional makeup

The small details are the most important aspect of this style.

Dark Fairy Makeup

You may not be interested in this fairy due to her cold but daring personality. If you are, this makeup style is the most amazing and creative. Use a foundation that is lighter than your skin to create a pale look. Use eyeshadows that are black and deep purple. As a last touch, add shimmer or crystal beads in the center of your eyes.

Garden Fairy Makeup

These fairies are known for their passion for flowers, prairies, forests, and rivers. For this look we recommend using a soft and natural style with very little blush and eyeshadow. This option is perfect if you want to show off your natural beauty.

Garden fairy Makeup style

You can accessorize this makeup style with flowers as a headband.

Water Fairy Makeup

Water fairies are also know as water children. They love the flow of water, or changing waters, in which waves produce an energy that can be passed on to others. Let your imagination run wild with this look and use any element that is related to water such as blue eyeshadow and sequins.

water fairy makeup style

Accessorize this fairy makeup style using your imagination.


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