Five Beauty Tips To Survive a Summer Quinceanera

Maria Elena Aguilar

By now you most likely know that the best way to get a perfectly radiant glow on your big day is to eat healthy meals, get plenty of exercise plus get lots of rest on the days leading up to your celebration.

Nevertheless, if you’re planning a summer Quinceanera you must keep in mind the following:

Take the heat and humidity into consideration, as they have the ability to instantly bring out hair’s frizziness and melt makeup.

Below is a list of top beauty tips to ensure that you remain perfectly flawless well into the long summer night on your big day.

1. Condition, condition, condition!

No matter how carefully or beautifully arranged your hair, if you’re like most women, even a little humidity can equal A LOT of frizz and flyways that are difficult to tame. You can prevent this by using a heavy conditioner when you rinse your hair on the morning of your Quinceañera. We recommend having a deep-conditioning treatment the night before, which you can do at home.

2. Start off with a primer

One of the best kept beauty secrets, a makeup primer comes in a cream, liquid or gel that you apply on your face after you wash, but before you apply your makeup. Primer is used to lightly moisturize and even out skin’s surface to prepare it for a perfect makeup application. Starting off with a makeup primer is a great way to ensure that the rest of your makeup stays put for as long as possible.

3. Go easy on the foundation

The key to have a memorable Quince celebration is to feel as comfortable as possible and you certainly will not enjoy your bash if you’re worried about having tons of makeup melting off your face. During the summer months, most makeup experts advise women to opt for a more lightweight formula than they regularly use, or to skip the foundation altogether.

If you are comfortable with your skin’s appearance without an ounce of makeup, we strongly recommend using only a tinted moisturizer so that the blush has something to hold on to. However, if going sans coverage is not an option for you on your special day, make sure your foundation is a sheer, water-based formula that matches your skin tone exactly.

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Be sure to ask the person who’s applying your makeup to use only what is needed, otherwise you’ll end up with a thick, cakey look that will look weird when the temps begin to rise.

4. Add a little glow

Nothing is more attractive than sporting a natural, healthy glow during the summer months.

You can achieve this look without having to spend any time under the sun’s (or a tanning bed’s) harmful UV rays by dusting a bit of shimmery blush or bronzer over your face, on the parts that the sun would naturally hit such as your forehead, nose and the apples of your cheeks (the parts that naturally stick out when you smile).

The color you select depends on your skin tone, but a peach-toned blush usually works well on just about anybody.

5. Stick with waterproof mascara

Even if you’re not the sentimental type and you don’t think that your Quinceañera will have its share of moments that make you weepy, you should nonetheless wear a waterproof mascara to prevent one annoyance that is very typical during the summer months: “Raccoon eyes”.

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This happens when black mascara melts and settles into the under eye area, giving you a raccoon mask, but can easily be prevented by sticking with a waterproof formula.

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