Three Ways to Kick up Your Makeup for a Breezy Spring Look!

Maria Elena Aguilar

Although the *official* Groundhog Day prediction states that there are still six more weeks of winter for us to enjoy, is already anticipating the sunnier, lovelier weather ahead in spring

You can welcome brighter days early also by adding fabulous springtime glow to your face with these simple makeup tricks.

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Winter blah: Natural, earthy blush
Springy: Fuschia
Bright cheeks give your face a bright, floral effect. To achieve this look, lightly dab on three dots of raspberry-tinted cream blush with your finger, then blend.

Winter blah: Matte, nude shadows
Springy: metallic liner
Metallics make your eyes sparkle and add a zing of spring. To get this metallic look, trace silver pencil in a sideways “V” around inner corners, curl lashes and you’re set.

lip gloss, makeup, makeup tipsLips
Winter blah: pink gloss
Springy: Peachy hues
Coral lips are a great reminder that spring is near. If your skin is fair, pick a pinker tone. Medium to dark? Go for a darker shade of coral. Make color last by applying right from the tube, then blotting once with a tissue.

Maria Elena Aguilar

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