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beauty routine

Follow this beauty advice from dermatologists Dr. Katie Roldan and Dr. Kathy Fields.

Fall is here therefore it is time to update your beauty routine. To help with the transition from summer to fall, we bring you advice from Proactiv creators and dermatologist, Dr. Katie Roldan and Dr. Kathy Fields.

According to the experts, the following products will keep your skin, lips and hair radiant and hydrated in order for you to look flawless during the colder months ahead.

FACE CLEANSING: Use a cleanser to exfoliate your skin with microspheres and eliminate dirt, oil excess and death cells. These will easily penetrate the pores attacking acne and relieving zits quickly. Refreshing toners help refine and purify the pores to soften and moisturize your face, leaving it acne free. Toners help exfoliate death cells. Lastly, use  a repair treatment that kills the bacteria causing acne. This benzoyl formula acts as antimicrobial and easily penetrates the pores.

beauty routineFACE MOISTURIZER: As part of your daily beauty routine, make sure to keep your face radiant. We recommend our Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer, which is enriched with minerals and botanicals. This moisturizer helps with humidity and regulates the oil in your skin. Apply all over your face and massage thoroughly.

TONE RESTORING: To visibly improve the appearance, tone and texture of your face, you must exfoliate. Doing this will purify the pores and accelerates the process of new cells.


Dr. Katie Roldan and Dr. Kathy Fields recommend using their Proactiv products.




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