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Cinnamon is another ingredient a quinceañera girl should include in her natural beauty recipe routine.

Celebrity makeup artist Mauricio Burgos wants you to treat your skin with honey now, so that it looks its best years down the line

You may not think it’s important to moisturize, cleanse and treat the skin thoroughly now. But if you haven’t made the effort to make these two steps part of your every day routine, years from now you’d wish that you had. Celebrity makeup artist Mauricio Burgos knows first hand the benefits of using the all-natural product as part of a daily beauty regimen.

His A-list clientele, which includes top Latin actresses and public figures such as Alicia Mercado, Angelica Vale, Ricardo Arjona, Pamela Silva Conde, and Mercedes Soler, all use the element in one form or another. Now, the Colombian born beauty expert has partnered with the Natural Honey Board to share DIY recipes that you can prepare and then store away for later use.

“Before young girl’s even start to use makeup, they need to learn to treat their skin with the right nutrients,” said Burgos. “I’m in the business of accenting a person’s natural beauty with makeup and part of that includes helping them achieve healthier skin.”



Treat the skin to achieve better skin, Burgos suggests you do the following:

  • Prepare face cleansers and moisturizers weekly, store them away for later use and carry them in your bag as part of your makeup bag
  •  Remove your makeup thoroughly every night
  • Moisturize daily
  • Cleanse your face daily
  • Use all natural products as much as possible

Although Burgos admits that it’s never too late to start receiving some of the benefits of using homemade facials with all-natural products, he states that the earlier you start, the better. “How radiant a mature skin looks depends on the treatment it’s given during its younger year,” says Burgos, who adds that makeup will accent a person’s beauty and hide any minor imperfections but can’t hide bad skin.  “The better the canvas, the better the art”.

To discover all the recipes that Mauricio Burgos and the National Honey Board created for your daily travels, visit the following links:



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