20 Trending Nail Shapes and Designs to Try for 2018

Jocelyn Pasillas

Before the year ends, we should reminisce on the greatest nail trends that became popular through the year and within the past months!

If you’re planning to schedule your next mani or pedi appointment, this is the perfect time to try something new!

Here are our favorite nail looks for all the Quince divas who love daring designs and for our sweetest Quince chicas who opt for trending tones.

Let’s just say that nails are being transformed into art!!!

Scroll down to see what we’re talking about…

New Designs

First there was 3-D nail art, now we have a mixture of a bunch of new designs that look insane like reverse ombre, metallic, and even chrome.

Cool Shapes

Square shape nails are out and have been replaced by coffin shape nails! You can also choose from daring stiletto shaped nails or simple oval shaped nails.

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Different Colors

Usually our crushes are the ones who have the privilege of choosing our nail color, but not this time around. Even though, the hardest part of getting your nails done is choosing what colors will go perfect, why not give these next trending tones a try! Not only are they preferred colors in the nail industry, but also among Quinceaneras color schemes.


Cherry Red

Charcoal Grey

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