Types of False Lashes to Consider For Your Quince

Jocelyn Pasillas

Whether you enjoy a caked face or not, the day of your quinceanera is no excuse to have a bare face! Even if you go with a natural look, falsies are always a must-have to add on an extra touch to your look and pictures.

False lashes come in different sizes and designs, make sure to choose the most comforting, convenient, and appealing to you!


Individual Lashes

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The most natural looking falsies you can flaunt! Even though they’re only a one-day wear, they’re ideal for your quince, especially if you hardly or never wear make-up. Individuals can be custom styled any way and also easy to hide in between your actual eyelashes.


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If you enjoy the flirty look eyelashes give you, then extensions are for you! Eyelash extensions can last up to 8 weeks! Imagine waking up every morning without having to worry about applying any mascara on if you already have a full set of falsies!

Strip eyelashes

The typically worn lashes are the full on stripped lashes, these falsies are super easy to apply which make them so popular! Usually made from plastic, human hair, silk and mink as well.

  • Mink
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By far the trendiest, recommended, and preferred type of strip eyelashes are Mink. These lashes are better quality you can definitely reuse them a couple times. They’re also more adjustable when applying, and also look super flirty with such delicate detailing! Mink falsies are seen more for dramatic looks and make up lovers who enjoy having fluttery lashes.

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