Wake up Tired eyes with these Makeup Tips

Maria Elena Aguilar

Makeup tips to show off some spunk!

Makeup tips to show off some spunk!

Quinceanera.com girls are known for always being on  top of their makeup and looking their best, but we’re all  prone to having the occasional “bad day.”

Midterms to  study for. Homework overload. Texting your bff’s late  into the night. All of these are the common culprits  that have you missing out on much-needed zzz’s,  making you look and feel tired throughout the day.

Below are some simple makeup tips you can use to brighten up your tired eyes and look refreshed in no time!

Apply SPF under your eyes daily.  Excessive sun exposure is harmful for your skin, so you should be applying sunscreen on your entire face daily. To combat under-eye darkness, apply an eye cream with a higher SPF than the one you used over your face. This will keep the area under your eyes brighter than the rest, and will help camouflage the sleep-deprived darkness.

Fight puffiness. To reduce under-eye puffiness, slice a couple of pieces of cool cucumber or potato into thin wedges and place over your eyes for 10 minutes. This also works with chilled spoons and chamomile tea bags.

Minimize dark circles. If you don’t normally wear foundation, you might be better off skipping this step. If a bit of powder or foundation is one of your daily beauty rituals, however, try the following: start off with a bit of light eye moisturizer, nothing too creamy or greasy, just something that the concealer can hold on to.

Next, choose a concealer or corrector that is ONE shade lighter than your foundation/powder. If you choose anything lighter, you’ll end up with white “raccoon eyes”. A creamy or liquid-ey corrector is the best way to go since these aren’t as cakey as the rest. Dab on a few drops under your eyes, and remember the “less is more” rule here. Gently blend under your eyes using your ring finger, since this is the gentlest of all. Once you have blended the concealer to minimize the darkness, apply your foundation/powder to set.

A bold color like canary yellow is perfect for a Quince dress inspired by the vibrant nightlife of Miami.

Bold  and Beautiful

Remember that the trick isn’t to erase dark circles completely, but simply to minimize them.

“Open” your eyes. An eyelash curler and some black mascara is all you need for this step. Curl both eyelashes using an eyelash curler and apply a bit of waterproof black mascara. The mascara will enhance and hold the curled effect, and will make eyes appear larger and more “awake”. Waterproof mascara is best in order to prevent the makeup from smearing under your eyes.

Blush. The final step is to add a hint of color to your face. A rosy or peachy blush is perfect for just about any skin tone. If you wear foundation or powder, choose a powder blush, and a gel or cream blush is best for those who don’t use foundation or powder. Apply the blush to your cheekbones in a circular motion, and lightly sweep up towards your hairline. To find your cheekbones, smile in front of the mirror; the round “apples” that stick out most prominently are where you put the blush.

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