What you Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions: Pros and Cons


Eyelash extensions have become extremely popular, especially because technology keeps advancing and now offers different techniques that make your overall eyelashes look extremely natural.

But just like any beauty procedure, it has its up’s and down’s, and it’s better to get informed beforehand to make sure this procedure is for you.


  • Time-saving

One of the biggest perks about getting eyelash extensions, according to many women that have them, is the time it saves you in the morning. Many eyelash-extension-aficionados confirm that eyelash extensions already give you a woken-up look, without any mascara or even concealer!

  • Glam look 24/7

Again, eyelash extensions provide an always-glammed-up look; despite not wearing your any makeup at all! So, say goodbye to waking up two or three hours before school just to put makeup on!

  • Natural looking if done properly

If you invest the money in an excellent eyelash technician and some quality lashes, such as the mink extensions, you’ll be rocking a feathery, weightless and natural look every day! Also, be sure you select a lash that goes with your eye shape and natural eyelash length. A little tip: An experienced eyelash extension technician, will apply the eyelash extension on a single natural eyelash, an amateur will apply an extension on two to three eyelashes. The amateur application could lead to clumping and breaking of the natural eyelash.


  • High maintenance

It is important to consider that eyelash extensions do require quite some maintenance. To mention a few:

  • You’ll have to do an upkeep every two to three weeks
  • You shouldn’t take them off by yourself, as this can damage your natural eyelashes. It is highly recommended going to your technician to remove them.
  • Be careful with the makeup remover product you use, as some ingredients such as oil can loosen up the glue. It is recommended to just use a special cleanser specifically for eyelash extensions.
  • Constantly brush them and re-arrange them with a mini brush, tipped sponge, and some even swear by a mini hair dryer for their lashes.


  • Costly

The average cost is about $250 and can go up all the way up to $450; depending on the type of glue, the expertise of the technician, and the material of the lash. In addition, as mentioned before, it is important to go back every two to three weeks for maintenance or to take them off.

  • Long process

The process to apply eyelash extensions can take up to 3 hours, with no phone and your eyes shut. But some girls just take advantage of this to have a Zen moment for themselves.

  • Glue could cause allergic reactions

Be very careful and on the lookout for any tearing or irritation you may feel while the technician is applying the lashes, as this could mean you’re having an allergic reaction to the glue.

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