You’ve been doing it wrong! Tips on Properly Removing Makeup

Jocelyn Pasillas

Reality check: There’s more to it than just a wipe.

We’ve heard plenty of tips on applying makeup but what about removing makeup… It may seem like an easy 1-step routine used before bed, however there’s more to it than we think!

Considering the years, you’ve been using makeup, removing it properly should be a mastered habit by now.  Besides getting rid of it you should also be focusing on cleansing.

Doing so will prevent any future regrets with how we “could’ve” avoided breakouts.

Here are easy tips you can follow and turn into your everyday routine before bed!

Removing Makeup

1) Use wipes/ oil to remove makeup

As a first step (occasionally only step), wiping your face easily takes off most of the makeup.

Remember never to pull or rub on your skin and keep in mind it harms your skin resulting in wrinkles.


Removing Makeup

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2) Clean any excess makeup with a face cleanser

All you need is water and a daily cleanser that can be applied to wash off any residue left.

Washing your face can not only take off any excess but also freshens up your face.

Usually this step is skipped and we tend to just wipe and moisturize which is a complete NO-NO since you’re just wiping off the surface of your skin, leftover makeup or dirt that is left usually stays and when moisturizer is applied it pats down the residue and all that turns into blackheads, eww right?

Removing Makeup

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3) Moisturize thoroughly

Once all the above is done and you made sure no spots were missed, then you can apply moisturizer to freshen up and to avoid dry skin. Now you’re ready for bed, well at least your face is…. LOL!

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