5 Positive Affirmations You Can Say To Yourself

Quince Madrina

Getting caught up in self-doubt at an early age can be extremely easy. But did you know that your thoughts can shape your reality?

By repeating positive affirmations to yourself, you can train your mind to focus on the good and boost your confidence! Here are five affirmations you can try today: 

  1. “I am worthy of love and happiness.”

  2. “I am capable and strong.”

  3. “I am in control of my emotions.”

  4. “I can see the positive in every situation.”

  5. “I am grateful for all the things in my life.”

Repeat these affirmations to yourself every day, either when you are looking in the mirror or before you go to school.

Remember, it takes time and practice to make this a habit, but with persistence, you will start to see a positive change in your thoughts and outlook on life. So go ahead, try it, and watch your confidence soar! 


Article is written by a Contributing Writer: Yahary Brambila

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