5 Winter Scholarships to Apply to

Jackie Mejia

Winter break is a great time to put in a couple of hours of hard work into your future. Here are five scholarships to apply to while drinking those cups of hot cocoa or waiting for Saint Nick to stop by.

Haz la U Scholarship

Luis Suarez is just one of the many students that have benefited from this scholarship. A grand prize winner will receive $15,000 towards their college career. Additional second-place winners, 14 in total, will each receive awards ranging from $500-$5000.

The application is due before Feb. 19th, 2019.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship

McDonald’s is providing more than just smiles through its Happy Meals and McFlurry’s. The Ronald McDonald House Charities provides a total of 30 national scholarships for deserving high school seniors, as well as local scholarships.

Students who would like to apply must first verify that they have a Ronald Mcdonald House in their area.

The deadline to apply is February 4, 2019.

American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest 

Win up to $18,000 by making a speech on the U.S. Constitution and the duties/obligations of citizens of our government.

Apply for this application here, due date varies.

JustPoetry!!! Scholarship

Tired of writing those essays and looking for a creative outlet to unwind? Enter poems in JustPoetry’s issues, and each quarter the editors will choose recipients of their scholarships.

Applicants can enter by visiting the website.

Edison Scholars Program

This scholarship allows you to take the time to edit your essay questions, ask a mentor for advice and double-check all of your inputted information.

This scholarship is specifically for high school students interested in majoring in math, physics, chemistry, engineering, material sciences or computer science/information systems and who live in an area served by Southern California Edison or a designated area close to SCE’s San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).

Put your passion in play for the sciences and apply to this scholarship.

2019 application period is now close but will reopen in fall 2019 for students graduating in 2020.

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