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5 Ways to Celebrate National Princess Day


Pull out your tiara because it’s time to celebrate a holiday that is fast-approaching this weekend—National Princess Day!

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess, and on Saturday, November 18, it’s been officially declared #NationalPrincessDay by royal decree.

The holiday was started by the 1994 animated film ‘The Swan Princess’ in honor of its 25th anniversary next year.

Check out ways to celebrate your royal highness self on #NationalPrincessDay.

Re-watch The Swan Princess for a movie night with your Quince court

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After practicing your Quince waltz for a couple of hours with your damas and chambelanes, it’s time to have a little bit of fun with your court. Rent out a projector, string some fairy lights outside and have an outdoor movie night! Or if the weather is too cold outside, lay out some blankets, include treats such as crown-shaped cookies or cupcakes topped with royal icing and watch the animated classic with your Quince court!

Be Inspired by Princess Odette

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Odette is the central character in the original animated film ‘The Swan Princess’ and displays the qualities of friendship, fortitude and forgiveness. After her father was killed in an ambush, she is cursed by the evil sorcerer Rothbart into turning into a swan each night and asks her to marry him. Odette keeps her composure and doesn’t lash out because he killed her father. She also cultivates friendships with other animal friends and shows inner strength when faced with adversity. Although the film is a children’s movie, you can learn a lot from her!

Face Mask Party

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To glow from the inside out, take some time to relax and pamper yourself with slathering on some facial masks. You can opt to make your own with natural ingredients or buy some facial masks online or at your local pharmacy. Glow up!

Improve your posture

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One of the things real princesses and their real-life equivalents of duchesses such as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex can tell you is that a straight back is one of the things that cannot be missing from your fashion wardrobe. To improve your posture, relax your shoulders and do not hunch over when you are typing at your laptop or sitting at your desk in school.

Also try doing physical activities such as yoga, ballroom dancing and swimming that help strengthen the muscles in your back.

Get a Fresh Manicure Set

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Photo courtesy of Rashid Khreiss on Unsplash

You might not have a butler and personal assistant at your beck and call as the Royal Family does, but you can receive a little bit of personalized treatment with a princess-inspired manicure. Get your nails polished, designed with a fresh coat of paint and you’ll start feeling all the royal vibes in no time.

Are you going to be celebrating National Princess Day? Let us know in the comments!

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