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7 Ways To Stop Teenage Bullying

Gabriela Alvarado

Turning fifteen leads to new responsibilities and there is no doubt that adolescence is one of the most overwhelming phases in your life.

Teenage bullying is one of the main issues kids deal with on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, harassment among students is an epidemic that does not discriminate against age, sex, or nationality.

But luckily, there are organizations and people that use their positive influence to take a stand against bullying. Travis Brown, also known as “Mr. Mojo”, is one of those individuals fighting harassment among students.

Brown’s awesome task involves visiting schools and speaking with students, parents, and teachers around the world about behavioral effects. The renowned motivational speaker says the best advice is to take responsibility and not turn a blind eye if we witness this kind of behavior.

You can help bullying victims by following the next steps:

  1. Offer a sincere friendship
  2. Give the best advice
  3. Serve as support
  4. Be a good influence
  5. Tell an adult about the issue
  6. Motivate your friends into putting an end to bullying
  7. Create or support and organization against this abuse

Brown also advises us to offer our humanitarian heart to help fight the abuse happening day by day. With Brown’s inspiration and your good intentions you will sure find other ways of improving the life of the people around you.

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Gabriela Alvarado

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