Dare to be Yourself: Trying New Things

Quince Madrina

We are all terrified to begin something new. but once we’ve done it, the thrill is real. 

Do you have an ideal image of yourself but are wondering how to reach that result? Well, here are some tips to get started on your journey!

Follow your own path

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Find your own path

First things first, you need to figure out what that image exactly is. Keep in mind that we all grow and change throughout our lives. That image you see now may not be what you see in a week or a month or even years from now.

Follow your dreams

Not everyone will agree on what you want to do. This doesn’t matter! So long as you aren’t harming anyone or anything else, you keep doing what you’re doing. Cut your hair, go out exploring, take on another book, or veg at home.

Keep your goal in mind

Practice makes perfect. But we are also human and life isn’t the easiest thing in the world, so don’t stress over messing up. Take a deep breath, you will get back on track.

We are never truly ready for what life throws at us. All we can do is be satisfied with how far we have come and keep pushing forward. Everything will be okay, promise!

Remind yourself everyday of how far you have come and the reasons behind your path. You can do this.


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