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Alicia Garcia de Angela

Martin Llorens, renowned stylist and motivational speaker, joins Neutrogena and his campaign “You see that it is possible” to encourage girls to reach their full potential.

By Alicia G. Angela | Los Angeles @Aliciangela

With fifteen years just fulfilled, you are probably crazy to take on the world and enjoy life to the fullest: learn to speak Chinese, hop on a dream trip to Paris or become a great chef, an elite athlete or an astronaut. These are just some of the things you’re capable of.

Martin Llorens - Credit Andres Henao

Martin Llorens

These are the words of Martin Llorens who knows how to achieve your dreams. He began creating his own advertising agency in Los Angeles 15 years ago, and after having his own show on the Utilísima channel, appear on Univision on a weekly basis, and writing several books, has become one of the most respected Beauty and fashion stylists in the country.

Now, Llorens is immersed in a new crusade, which is being carried out with the help of Neutrogena, with the goal of showing girls halfway around the world that, with will and hard work, anything can be possible. The initiative has been called “You see that it is possible” and highlights the inner beauty and authentic values as a way to build self-esteem.

“Your dress and your makeup are just an extension of who you really are,” says Martin Llorens in a conference call in Miami, the city in which he currently resides. “The most important thing is to have confidence in yourself. Only then will you achieve your goals.”

In this sense, the fashion expert insists on fighting for what you believe and what you want with responsibility,” without harming anyone, knowing what is right and what is wrong , and denouncing situations of bullying, drugs and any type of abuse that you witness. This will help you become a complete person.”

And this principle of integrity, says Llorens, which also applies to social media, a world that has become the main channel among teens to express opinions. ” Your voice and your opinion are what count. Find your safety and use it to your advantage in social media, and do not be influenced by your pictures or worrying about your posts having greater or lesser number of “likes” . This in the end is something short-lived, what remains is the message.”

Follow these guidelines to highlight your inner beauty, and let the world know that you’re a strong woman at only fifteen years of age. The rest, you will see that it is possible. App

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Alicia Garcia de Angela

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