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When I was little I was chubby, and there was  nothing that infuriated me more than my brother’s  nicknames to poke fun at me. Some of his favorites  were: “chubalot,” “porky pig” and “cow.” But out of  all of them, the one that made me the maddest was  “fridge.” According to him I was as big and square as  a refrigerator with two doors.

I always got mad, and when I’d go to my father to tell on him, my father’s wise advice was:

“Pay him no mind and you’ll see how he’ll stop bothering you.” I tried it many times, but it was impossible to ignore him.

One day my father finally got tired of so many complaints and proposed a very convenient game: “Each time your brother bothers you and you ignore him, I’m going to give you 25 cents, but you can’t tell him I’m paying you.”

At a young age I learned that when you ignore your enemies you take away their power. This tactic applies to family, work, and love relationships.

When you ignore your attacker, you infuriate them more by showing that their aggression doesn’t affect you and that you’re not interested in dealing with them. An adversary measures your strength in accordance to the effectiveness of their attacks and jokes, so that the less it affects you, the less power you give them.

By ignoring it, you destroy it! And you’ll automatically gain control of the situation.

For all those girls who get bullied at school by other angry Quinceaneras, I suggest you put this tactic into practice. When you pay attention to your “enemy,” even if it’s to fight, criticize, contradict or reject, you’re exposing yourself to their influence and creating a type of alliance with them. In other words, you end up becoming business partners, now that each of you makes a move according to the actions and reactions of the other.

If you want to rid yourself of that person who pushes your buttons, stop giving them importance! Acknowledge that the attention you give them is what boosts their position. I assure you that a cold shoulder is the best vengeance.

Dare to be cold to the one that bothers you. This is what I did with my brother’s and while his power diminished, my piggy bank grew!

This article was written by Maria Marin, motivational speaker and the author of the bestseller “Mujer sin limite.” Visit her new website: www.MariaMarin.com 


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