Efficient Workout Plans

Yoana Estrada

Gyms have been closed for a while now due to the pandemic. Naturally, many people had to continue their workouts at home. It seems like everyone under the sun has an at-home spin bike. We don’t all have the luxury of buying a Peloton or a SoulCycle bike. Let’s face it we are all living at home still! 

Here are ways for you to be successful in your workouts: 

Start with a plan

Pinterest is the perfect place to start when planning a new project. Get your creative juices flowing and pin some home gym inspirational photos. Pinterest is also the hub for motivational quotes, print out and frame the quotes to keep you going. Once you have your pictures you can begin to mentally map out your workout area. Ideally, a clean and spacious area will do! Thinking about your fitness goals will help you plan and visualize the space and equipment you may need.

Put it Together 

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Here is a list of possible equipment you can use to start your workouts. Feel free to switch out traditional dumbbells for household items that weigh about the same. 

  • Dumbbells
  • Reusable Water bottle
  • Resistance Bands
  • Ankle Weights
  • Yoga Ball
  • Yoga Mat
  • Kettle Bell
  • Jump Rope

Bring it All Together

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When bringing your space together it’s important to think about where you are going to store all your equipment when you are done. The cuter and organized your space looks the more likely you are to exercise. A pegboard wall and shelves will help you use your space effectively. The lighter items like jump ropes can be hung and heavier weights can be placed at the bottom.

Working it Out

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When in doubt YouTube it out! YouTube is a great free resource when it comes to workout videos. It’s super easy to find different types of workout lengths, categories, and 30-day challenges. Don’t be afraid to change your scenery, working out at home can get boring after a while. Park or beaches are both great places to cool down or warm up before or after a workout. Let’s use all of our resources!

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