5 Easy Activities For Helping Others

Gabriela Alvarado
list of activities to help others

Begin with easy tasks!

One of the main objectives of celebrating a traditional Quinceanera is to honor the step from childhood to adulthood, which can be done by focusing on your sense of humanity and helping others. And since your inner beauty is a created by a combination of qualities that are reflected in your actions and attitude towards others, the passage to adulthood serves as the perfect time to enrich your inner beauty by helping others in need. The new duties and responsibilities that come with entering this maturing age will help build your character and contribute to your personal growth as well.

Helping people in need will always be gratifying and will help you become a better person, so get inspired by individuals such as celebs Marc Anthony and Henry Cardenas’ who with they organizations help orphan and less fortunate children by providing them food, school supplies, dorms, classrooms and clinics.


Here is a list of activities that will make you feel more productive and caring by simply helping others.

  • Helping less fortunate children improve their grades by privately tutoring them.
  • Visiting hospitals and helping patients with whatever they might need.
  • Visiting a care home, believe it or not most have no families and are in need of being loved.
  • Take your grandparents on a date such as the movies or park; they will love having you as a companion.
  • Get involved with the kids in your community.

These are tasks that you can do without any problem. Begin at home and you’ll realize the varied ways you can help out.




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