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winners of CAPS scholarships learning from successful entrepreneurs

Twelve students were awarded with scholarships by the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce.

Students from California learned from the Latino business community in an unforgettable event hosted by the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce.

Here in we want to empower you every step of the way to a brighter future career and education. As your Quince madrinas, we know the important role education plays in your life; this is why we want to help you achieve your goals with motivating stories!

A couple of weeks ago we were extremely happy about our inspiring entrepreneur and founder, Martha de la Torre, as she was recognized as the Latina Business Woman of the Year by the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce at its annual convention held in Orange County. Well, besides much recognition, seminars, and awards to outstanding Latino entrepreneurs, we were very fortunate to experience the joy of 12 college students who were the recipients of CAPS scholarships.

The experience was particularly rewarding. The scholarships, presented by the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, were awarded to twelve young students from different cities throughout California, and allowed them to learn and absorb the business world essence, in this case, everything about the burgeoning Hispanic market.

We got to talk to one of the deserving scholarship recipients, Annalisa Dueñas, a biology student at San Jose State University, who shared her excitement for winning this prize. “It is an honor and I never expected to be part of this selected group of students. Having been in contact with other successful entrepreneurs this past days has helped me tremendously. I’m also impressed with the growing Latino community and learned that staying connected can make us bigger and bigger, ” Dueñas said.

Another winner, Karina Funez, is pursuing her career at the University of California in Irvine, but is a proud resident of Bakersfield. “It was a great conference with great people,” said Funez, who is building a career in the field of public health. Certainly, this experience with Latino entrepreneurs will give her better professional tools for her future.

Our last girl was extremely happy for this life-changing opportunity. Maritza Cardenas, who lives in Salinas but is currently attending the University of California in Berkeley, commented: “The program created by the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce allowed me to develop my networking skills, public speaking, and meet successful entrepreneurs. The business owners were more than willing to support me on achieving my dreams and aspirations, I can only be extremely grateful.

Maritza ended her interview by thanking all her fellow 2014-generation and all who made ??it possible to live an unforgettable experience.

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