Hiking Trails in Los Angeles you Need to Check Out

Jocelyn Pasillas

Getting away from the city to enjoy the fresh air is a must once in a while!

Whether you are trying to get your mind off certain things or you’re looking to try something new, start off your morning with an unusual challenge and hike one of the amazing trails LA has to offer.

At the end, there’s nothing more rewarding than making it to the finish line. 😉

Scroll on down to choose your challenge and learn about the different hiking trails in LA!

Whittier Turnbull Canyon

Roughly 4 miles long (round-trip), the trail provides amazing scenery of parts of the Los Angeles County as well as the Orange County area. Recommended during the rainy season, these hills can be completely covered of pure greenery and provides beautiful blue skies.

Eaton Canyon

Not recommended during raining seasons, Eaton Canyon is an easy hike that offers a gorgeous end with a waterfall, which opens up to a pool. Occasionally, you may spot other hikers enjoying the refreshing water coming down from the waterfall. It is advised to stay on the trail, to avoid any unpleasant incidents stay in the lower falls.

Griffith Park Hiking Trails

Hike all the way to the Hollywood sign, oversee Greater Los Angeles, and enjoy the greatest challenge of your life when going up to the many trails available. Choose from super easy trails to intensive 4-mile hikes.

Malibu Creek State Park

Due to its extensive size, Malibu also provides scenic trails that vary in size and difficulty—but all provide worth-hiking views!


Culver City Stairs

Most commonly known for its elevated stairs which take you directly up and down from both sides of the hill. This hike only takes 2.5 miles round trip and is very accessible since it is right in the middle of Culver City.

Gabrielino National Recreation Trails

Since this is a national park, there’s different trails you can take BUT the most common and visited trails are Hermit Falls and Sturtevant Falls. Both trails end with a waterfall view you can enjoy and use to freshen up.  Sturtevant Falls is approximately 4-miles long while Hermit Falls is only about 2-miles short.

Let us know which is your favorite hike trail. Comment down below!

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