Owning a dog can give you a healthier heart

Jackie Mejia

Physical exercise is the ticket to a healthier heart; especially when you have a furry best friend by your side.

A recent study published by the American Heart Association showed that owning a dog can lessen your chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Dog walks

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1) Walk around the park or block

Taking a brisk walk about thirty minutes a day can increase blood circulation and strengthen your heart.

Dog water fun

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2) Swimming

Did someone say, “cannonball?!?” Jump into your nearest pool or lake, and allow your dog to do the same. The soothing water can help calm the aching bones and arthritis of older dogs. Just make sure to keep an eye on your pooch – not all dogs are natural swimmers. Make sure to bathe your dog if it swims in a chlorine pool – you don’t want it to have a tangled mess after swimming!

Dog Agility course

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3) Agility training

Obedience classes can help your puppy react to cues to teach them simple tricks and essential people skills.

Hiking with your Dog

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4) Hiking

Dogs are agile animals that can climb, run and jump over a variety of terrain. You can engage their inquisitive nature by taking your friendly mascot along with you for a hike. If you decide to take your dog with you into the wild, provide enough water and food for the both of you!


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5) Dog park

Dogs are very sociable animals. Help your canine companion expand its social surroundings and head over to your nearest dog park. Your dog can freely run and play with other docile dogs, ensuring an engaging time for both of you.


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