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Be Proud to Always Be “Like a Girl”

Elizabeth de la Torre

Recently, the YouTube commercial by the brand Always caught our attention for its meaningful message about what the common phrase “like a girl” really means to both girls and boys. In school, phrases like this are freely tossed around as funny, or suggesting truth to it.

However, as Always shows, there are lasting effects on the words one chooses. Asking teens and preteens what the phrase “like a girl” means to them really puts things in perspective about the facts of life and how words really can affect someone. This teen talk topic brings to light an offensive term that everyone in schools should reconsider.

The Always commercial touches on teen talk about what acting “like a girl” should mean to you.

As girls yourselves, we don’t have to explain why going through your preteen/teen years are hard. All of you know that. With school, friends, family, crushes, and the journey of trying to find yourself and determine who you want to be, sometimes life is disappointing. One thing that for sure doesn’t help is when there is bullying or name calling at schools. That is what the commercial by Always touches on to hopefully spread some light on a teen talk topic important to discuss at schools.

The more commercials that come out like this, hopefully the more teen talk in school changes to being less hurtful about what doing things “like a girl” means to bullies versus what doing things “like a girl” ought to mean for inspiring girls.

With that said, watch the motivational teen talk video below by Always for an idea of what doing things “like a girl” should mean to you and how you should never be afraid to be who you want to be.

Girls are beautiful, strong, smart, capable, and powerful. Be inspired by that every day and live “like a girl!”

Thumbs up to Always for this beautiful inspiring teen talk commercial!

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