Quinceaneras Making a Difference

Grecia Hernandez

Besides Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani education activist, these inspiring teenagers are making a difference for a better world.


Caroline Jacobs, 15

Diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 10, Jacobs is making a difference raising money for diabetes research. In addition to diabetes, Jacobs suffers from vitiligo and Grave’s.  Caroline was honored with a Girls Rock! Health Advocacy award in 2012. The vocal advocate prompted the FDA to approve at-home trials of artificial pancreas to improve the life of type 1 diabetes patients.

Making a difference in education!

Zhan Haite, 15

Zhan was told she could not attend high school in Shangai as she was not considered a permanent resident although she had been living there since 2002. The only solution was to move back to her province, where opportunities are scarce. In the pursuit of her educational rights, Zhan stood up against the Shangai Education Bureau, making a difference in education.

Zea Tongeman, 14

After attending an IT workshop at her school, Zea learnt that tech could be fun and decided to create her own application. Jazz Recycling lets you know where to recycle, what you can recycle and even allows users to scan their recycling goodies and get rewarded for it. Zea is sure making a difference combining environmental care and technology.

Julia Bluhm, 15

Julia’s ballet friends constantly complained about being fat or having bad skin, she discovered the issue came from one of her favorite magazines: Seventeen. It was then that she decided to start an online petition asking Seventeen to print at least one unaltered photo per month. The magazine’s editor stated that Seventeen will “never change girls’ body or face shapes,” and “celebrate every kind of beauty.

Jules Spector, 14

Self-described as a literature and science geek, the Teen Advisor for United Nations Foundation promises to change the world by ending to child marriage and child prostitution. Spector is making a difference educating and empowering other young girls through her personal blog (She has interviewed Malala), where she approaches feminism from a teenage perspective.


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