5 Reasons to Have a Hobby

Adairis Moreno

 Look for a fun activity you enjoy and expand your horizons. Check out some great reasons to have a hobby. 

During this phase in your life school must be your number one priority however, welcoming a new and productive activity into your life will make you feel more confident and will sure add an extra spark of thrill to your daily routine. Our best advice is to look for something you feel passionate for; this is a great time to search for your hidden talents!

A few reasons to have a hobby and the advantage of trying new things:

1)Meeting new people
Going outside of your regular social circle is healthy since you get to meet new people and start viewing things on a different perspective making your life more dynamic and diverse.

2)Staying active
If you choose a sport as a hobby, you will stay healthy and pump up your energy. Remember: a healthy mind means a healthy body.

3)Say bye-bye to problems
If your current hobby is stalking people on Facebook you clearly need a new one. Do something good for yourself and choose an activity that will benefit you in the near future. You never know, do your research and perhaps your newly acquired hobby could later translate into a scholarship.

4)Fresh air
A hobby will help you distract from finals, a broken heart or even issues with your parents. The best way to change the scenery is by doing different things.

5)Very interesting
With a hobby you will always have new stories to share with your friends. This will also help you take responsibility since a hobby is a commitment and the more you practice it the more relax and happy you will be.

We hope you find it really useful these five reasons to have a hobby. Remember, taking the initiative is the first step. Good luck!


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