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Someone is bothering me: Bullying

Alicia Monsalve

What is bullying? Bullying is referred to as aggression between boys and girls, kids bothering and/or making fun of other kids.  In a practical manner, this book focuses on this serious problem that has been an issue since forever. Written in Spanish by Annie de Acevedo and Mimi Gonzalez, with illustrations by Daniel Rabanal, “Someone is bothering me: Bullying” is a book for parents, children, teachers and everyone else.
Bullying is violence and it can be expressed in different ways and classes in society. Unfortunately it is also unavoidable and it usually happens in school, although not exclusively since bullies exist everywhere.

Luckily, there are tools and strategies to deal with this problem.

The book, narrated by two education and child psychology experts, works as an easy and practical guide (62 pages) for the child, parents and teachers to approach the situation together while explaining how to cope with the consequences of bullying. Nicolas, age 11; Gabriela, age 12 and Felipe, age 13 are three real victims of bullying who encourage young readers to feel confident and share their story.

Annie de Acevedo graduated from Universidad de Los Anges (Bogota, Colombia) as a psychologist and specialized in learning problems, educational psychology and neuropsychology from universities in Alabama, John Hopkins and Miami. With 30 years of experience she runs the department of student services at a prestigious college in Bogota. She has written books for parents such as: Discipline with love, Separated parents, Healthy children and Good Upbringing.

Mimi Gonzalez also graduated as a psychologist from Universidad de los Anges (Bogota, Colombia), has over 10 years of expertise in upbringing, family counseling and tutoring. She also serves as an emotional and academic counselor and has been specializing in bullying for over 8 years.

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