The 7 Apps You Need Right Now

Alexa DLT

These amazing apps will help you keep your new year resolutions and body in shape!

Whether its getting better grades or being a healthier you! Check out the 7 most useful apps for quinceanera teens:

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Balancing school and family is stressful enough then you may not have time to workout as much as you would like to.

However with the app 7 Minute Workout you can still get your workout in without over-stressing about time management. These 7 minute workouts will have you feeling healthier and are easy to fit into your busy schedule, try doing one on your next study break!

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Mission it across the globe with the app, My Virtual Mission, which helps you complete virtual hikes such as walking the Great Wall of China or running from coast to coast. These missions will help you stay motivated to workout!

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Yoga Studio App


Can’t afford yoga classes? No worries girl!

We get it, why pay for a single in-studio class when you can download the Yoga Studio app and receive dozens of yoga lessons for less. These yoga tutorials are easy to follow and are easy to schedule!

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Make money from your Spring Cleaning with OfferUp!

You can sell anything to your neighbors through this app so go ahead and earn a little money for your quinceanera event.
Another way to earn money for your quinceanera expenses is to sell Your photos through the Foap app. Many big companies like the Hyatt and Volvo want photos of people using their products, so instead of posting your glamourous shots on your Instagram try selling them!

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Is your new year’s resolution to get better grades?

Try out these apps that will help you study better.  Many times while studying your fingers get tired from typing up your notes so here is your solution try the Dragon Dictation app which converts everything you say to a digital typed out report that you can later read, share with classmates, or email.

PicMonkey Collage-brainscapeAnother great way to study for a test is using flashcards. Unfortunately the problem with paper flashcards is they are always getting lost; however, Brainscape allows you to create your own digital flashcards that you can never lose.

And of course the best app for planning your Quinceanera is the App. Download Now! Mobile App

Download it for FREE!

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