The Benefits of a Summer Internship

Jackie Mejia

Summer internships can be one of the most rewarding experiences as a teenager.

You can acquire valuable skills to add to your resume and gain insight into a possible career that can serve you well in the future. Below, learn the benefits of internships and tips on scoring your dream gig.

You are never too young

Just because you are in your teens does not mean you have to be intimidated to put yourself out there. Pick up the phone and dial the local newspaper if you are aiming to be a journalist, the law firm down the street if you picture yourself as a hot-shot lawyer, or if you are not sure what to focus on, look into classes at your local community college for an opportunity to dabble into different fields.

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Edit your resume

A well-written resume is the first impression that can get your foot in the door when applying to an internship. Make sure that you triple-check spelling and grammar, add keywords specific to that industry and neatly separate the different sections of your resume in order to differentiate your experiences from one another.


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Any experience is a good experience.

Some internships are given to deserving high school students, but without pay. Do not be hesitant to take these jobs if money is not necessarily an object for you. The experience alone can be worth more than the check attached to it. The various positions and odd jobs given to interns range from managing projects, networking for the company and many more. Use these experiences to add depth to the abilities you possess. Just go volunteer.

Network, network, network

Having a tough time finding an internship on job boards or career websites? Head to your local chamber of commerce to see what mixers are coming up. Professionals from the surrounding community attend these business mixers in order to meet prospective clients or business partners. Print out some business cards on cardstock and be sure to take them with you. You never know who you will meet at these mixers – perhaps a potential boss!

Use social media to your advantage

Instead of spending hours chatting with your friends on Snapchat or Instagram use that time to be productive in your internship search. Search online for anything related to the field you would like to pursue, research the company you would like to intern for and finally, clean up your profile! Take off any pictures or make albums private if any photos show you in a compromising position.

Also, check out popular internship sites like InternQueen or Hopefully these tips and nuggets of advice aid you in landing that dream job! App

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