The peer pressure makes you take risky choices.

When Peer Pressure Becomes Dangerous

Jose Francisco Sanchez
peer pressure

The peer pressure makes you take risky choices.

School friends can heavily influence your decision making process, learn to choose who you hang with and avoid peer pressure.

The school year just began! At 14 you’re about to begin this new phase as a high school student. You feel as if the little girl in you was left behind, the wonder years are over, you’re now in your teens. Welcome to a fun new era that although lovely it can turn dangerous for some.

Fashion, faces, bodies, energy and adrenaline, these are only a few of the many new emotions flowing through your body as you manage to deal with your classes, schedule, the name of your professors and at the same time search for known faces so you don’t feel alone in a sea full of sharks looking for prey.

Is during this particular phase when fitting into a certain group seems fundamental, but be conscious. That same group that supports you and ask you to join extracurricular activities can also push you to make dangerous choices such as becoming sexually active, smoking, trying drugs, leaving without asking your parents for permission or lying, skipping class, etc. This is the peer pressure that drives you to say yes, you don’t want to appear as the oddball.

It is hard to be the only one who says no, but it can be done. Think about the values your parents have taught you and consider whether it is good or bad, don’t let the emotion drive you to make an inappropriate decision. There must be someone else in the group who does not want to participate, team up with this person, don’t let the rest of the group pressure you into doing something you don’t want to.

Look for friends who feel the same on taking risks. Rely on them and support them as well. If it is only you who wishes to say no, don’t fear! Simply say no and walk away. If they keep on pressuring you, go to someone you can trust, perhaps it is time to tell your parents, teachers or the school adviser.

Hang out with those who pressure you positively, those who drive you to get good grades, those who cheer for you to join the dance team or the band, and those who say no to drugs and have fun in a healthy manner.

It is important to attend high school as it prepares you for your future. Take advantage of this and study and have fun meeting new friends who know what you’re worth, understand you and most importantly accept you for who you are. This is a phase in your life that will define the years to come, enjoy it!



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