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5 Movies You Can Relate To When Planning your Quince

Grecia Hernandez

Forget a bit about planning your Quince and enjoy these movies instead!


His little girl is growing up!

Father of the Bride

Is your dad having a hard time realizing you’re now a young lady? OMG Does this mean you get permission to wear makeup and start dating? This is perfect to watch with your daddy just prior to your fiesta.


Think your damas are drama? THINK AGAIN!


Are your damas giving you a hard time instead of making this a smooth quince planning? Invite them over and watch this hilarious flick with them picture how things could be worse!


The copy cat friend who wants everything you have, typical!

Bride Wars

Did your prima end up choosing the same XV colors as you? Is your best friend practically copying every single detail from your Quinceanera? Grab a chocolate and vent your deepest darkest feelings with this movie.


Everyone wants to be part of this fiesta!

Our Family Wedding

Little did you know everyone had a say in your Quince planning! Well such is the case for this adorable couple and their families who keep on making their wedding planning a nightmare!


Don’t ever make your damas wear the dresses Jane did!

27 Dresses

Always a dama, never a Quinceanera? LOL Jane’s situation is somewhat similar, she has a closet filled with bridesmaid dresses hoping to one day finally become the bride!

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