Tale as Old as Time: A Beauty and the Beast Movie Review


When it comes to Disney Princesses, Belle stands out as being the first who was not truly in need of a man to either improve her situation or make her happy. Perfectly content living with her father, Belle could enjoy herself by getting lost in a book as opposed to falling for the looks and charm of the town’s Casanova, Gaston. And while her horse was being attacked by wolves, she didn’t hesitate to jump in with a stick in an attempt to fight them off.

beauty and the beast movie 

More so than any of the other Disney Princesses before her, she was Miss Independent, delivering a message to girls all around the world that they were not restricted by what was expected of them.

It’s a message that’s just as relevant now as it was when the animated film was first released in 1991.

However, as with any remake or reboot, there’s always a concern that it could lose some of the luster of the first film. That Lumiere would lose some of his charm, or the Beast, some of his snarl, or that even Belle would lost some of that inner strength which helped motivate her to be her own person.

Beauty and the Beast Movie

The mantel clock Cogsworth, the teapot Mrs. Potts, Lumiere the candelabra and the feather duster Plumette live in an enchanted castle in Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST the live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic directed by Bill Condon.

Fortunately, in this case, both Quinceanera girls and their parents can be happy knowing that while there were minor changes to modernize the movie (switching from Jack and the Beanstalk to Romeo and Juliet as the book that Belle has just read for example), the remake remains true to the source material while also making it feel as though you’re seeing a familiar story in a way that you hadn’t seen it before.

Much in the same way that the Beast is able to see life differently after meeting Belle.

Expected to be one of the biggest movies of the year, Beauty and the Beast does not disappoint. And, as a bonus, there’s also plenty of ideas that Quinceanera girls can pull from as they’re planning their perfect 15th birthday celebration so make sure to keep on the lookout for elegant gowns, especially if you’re planning a Beauty and the Beast party.

Beauty and the Beast will be in US theaters March 17, 2017.



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