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Using kids as the main characters in animated movies is nothing new.

After all, that typically tends to be those who are in the audience when the movie is going on and it’s always easier to relate to people our own age as opposed to old people.

What isn’t so typical, however, is the idea of a baby being able to communicate with others. Or at least others who aren’t necessarily other babies being able to speak to each other in a language that only they can understand.

The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby, however, isn’t just any normal baby. In fact, he’s a diaper wearer on a mission to ensure that babies remain the cutest things in the world thus ensuring that they can stay loved more than any other being. There’s only one problem, though.

As a baby, he’s not exactly dealing with the brightest team to try and ensure love for babies continues around the world. He has to keep himself hidden from the rest of his family, which is made all the more difficult when you’re not tall enough to open a door and you have to dodge your big brother’s efforts to try and expose your true identity as a baby who can talk to the parents.

As for Tim, well, he’s also afraid of losing love as his parents spend more time doting on Boss Baby and his needs, Tim is left out, until he discovers that in the process of helping out his younger brother, he can eventually be rid of him, with his parents all to himself.

the boss baby 3

And what happens after is a combination of humor, strength, and love as both Tim and Boss Baby are not only able to work together, but to also learn a little something about themselves in the process. Filled with a positive message, it’ll definitely make those with siblings think twice about them (even if it is just to figure out how to ship them back to where they came from) as the movie highlights the results that teamwork can bring, even when two people who don’t like each other very much are partnered together.

Not to mention, there happens to be a wizard alarm clock that you just might enjoy.

Boss Baby in theaters nationwide on March 31, 2017.

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