Hannah Montana: The Movie

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 Miley Cyrus is 16 years old, young enough to continue to  relate to her audience, which includes quinceañeras  around the globe. Despite the fact that the life of this  young artist is a blend of fiction and reality, there is an  unquestionable truth: the Hannah Montana phenomenon  is something worth recognizing.

Very few films can accomplish the success of a hit television series. The good news for Hannah Montana fans is that this film is one of the few. It’s not only a great film for Hannah Montana fans to watch, but thanks to director Peter Chelsom’s talent and the combination of young and adult artists, this movie is suitable for the entire family.

The plot is simple: the troubles brought by Miley’s double life begin to cause estrangement within her family and closest friends. So, her father decides to take her back to his hometown, Crowly Corners, Tennessee, in order to give Miley a simple life and help her find her long lost identity.

However, gossip columnists are able to follow Miley to the small and quiet town and they are determined to expose her secret double life at the time when Miley has discovered a rewarding life as well as an unforeseen romance.

The musical appearance of Rascal Flats, Taylor Swift, and, of course, Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, raises the film’s musical quality. The film is not really a musical, but instead a film in which music plays an important role.

As an additional and introductory part of the film, the audience witnesses a unique Sweet Sixteen celebration. Despite having everything a young girl dreams for this type of party, the celebration becomes the greatest event of the year, reminding us that bigger is not necessarily better, but in this case, it is!

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